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Driver License Services

Oklahoma’s Real ID regulations can be difficult to navigate alone. Read our comprehensive guide to getting yours today

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Driver License Fees

Driver License Class D renewal fee for drivers under 65 years of age is $38.50 for a four year license and $77.00 for an eight year license. There is no renewal fee for Class D drivers 65 years and older. Class D drivers turning 65 during their renewal period, will be charged a reduced, pro-rated fee. We accept cash, check or major debit and credit cards for payment. Processing fees apply to debit or credit card transactions.

Commercial Driver Licenses

All drivers with Commercial Driver Licenses must visit the Department of Public Safety first for license issuance or renewal. Duplicates can be issued from our office.   For more information, you may contact the Department of Public Safety at (918) 259-0764.

If you currently have a Oklahoma commercial driver license and no longer wish to maintain the commercial class (downgrade to non-commercial (Class D) license), we can process your renewal or duplicate license in our office. 

Expired Licenses or State IDs

If your driver license has been expired for over one year, you must present your birth certificate at the time of renewal.

If your driver license has been expired for over 3 years, you must re-apply for a license with the Department of Public Safety.  You may contact them directly for more information at (918) 259-0764

Driver Manuals

We sell Driver manuals for $7.50 plus tax and Motorcycle manuals for $3.50 plus tax. We do NOT have CDL driving manuals. You must obtain those through the Department of Public Safety.


State ID cards

First-time State ID’s can be issued to applicants showing a current valid Oklahoma Driver License.  If you do not currently have a valid Oklahoma Driver License, you must first visit the Department of Public Safety for master file setup.  You may contact them for more information at (918) 259-0764. 

State ID renewals and duplicates cost $25 each.  Applicants must be present.  No additional identification is necessary.


Lost or Stolen License or State IDs

If your license has been lost or stolen, you must present your state issued birth certificate to obtain a duplicate license. Duplicate Driver Licenses cost $25 and applicants must be present.

Driver License or State ID Name Changes / Address Changes

We can change your last name with appropriate supporting documentation provided such as marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order; We can also update your address, weight and height if necessary. You must report to the Department of Public Safety for any other changes to your license.



For specific information about testing, endorsements, learner permits or license restrictions, or reinstatements, please contact the Department of Public Safety at (918) 259-0764.


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